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About project

Construction of a new special based on the latest version of the Skoda Fabia launched in 2009 under the leadership of Mr. Brůzla that the project has brought his knowledge and experience in training and building race cars.

Already at the end of May was the first car „on wheels“ and in September became the first testing. During the autumn, several stress tests and comparison tests on the Austrian Waldviertel Rally car as forerunners.

During 2010, work continued to improve and tweak things on the chassis, the car was built on gravel and continued in testing. The car successfully managing the challenges of international competition and the Bohemia Rally Barum Rally Zlín in a forerunner. The two companies have attracted the attention of teams, media and fans.

At the end of 2010 the team continued to prepare the car to the successful implementation of the homologation process. 16th – 17 February 2011 was attended by the FIA ​​homologation inspection. From 01 March 2011 car is approved.

In 2011, the team Impromat Motorsport introduces the competition of the International Championship of Czech Republic with two cars. For the steering wheel sits Dusan smoked and the young rising star John Black. This competition for the first Tarabus replace Jaromir. Black Crew – Rooster will have the same term to fulfill its obligations under the World Rally Academy in Portugal for the competition count toward the World Cup.